16 Best Wireless Keyboards for Mac

Best Wireless Keyboards for Mac

There is no better accessory for your iMac or MacBook than a good wireless keyboard. Apple is endowing all its wireless devices. Why? Well to get rid of all those annoying cables once and for all, and leave the table as clear as possible. Of course, prioritizing autonomy so that we do not have to load them every two by three. Looking for one? As we have made for you a selection of the best wireless keyboards for Mac.

Best Wireless Keyboards for iMac and MacBook

There is so much variety in the market for wireless keyboards for Mac that it is difficult to select one specifically. They form a perfect combination with wireless mice for iMac and MacBook, but we must select the model that suits us best based on our needs.

If you need a folding keyboard to travel, we have some very good option available, and you can carry with your MacBook. If on the contrary, you want an ergonomic keyboard, Microsoft offers us some good option. To me, of course, the ones I like most as a desktop wireless keyboard are the Magic Keyboard or some backlit keyboards from the Logitech brand.

1. Magic Keyboard, Apple’s official wireless keyboard for Mac

We can not start any other way than talking about the best wireless keyboard for Mac. The Magic Keyboard perfectly sums up the philosophy to which we have accustomed this company: elegance, minimalism, and comfort. It is a very thin keyboard, quite light and easy to carry. In addition, it is a very good alternative for all needs: ideal for those who write a lot, as for those who do not type in excess.

Of course, compatibility with Mac is maximum: the link is done automatically and can also be used perfectly with iPad and iPhone. It works with Bluetooth interface and uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that you will have to charge about once a month.

 2. Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

The evolution of the Magic Keyboard comes in the form of a numeric keypad. The Magic Keyboard with a wireless keypad was introduced during 2017, but will also come integrated into matt black color on the iMac Pro. Because of its ergonomics, battery life and quality, it is also part of the top with the best wireless keyboards for Mac.

 3. Logitech K380, the best unofficial keyboard for Mac

Without a doubt, the Logitech K380 is one of the best wireless keyboards for Mac that we can find at the moment. Its price is just 50 euros, much cheaper than other Bluetooth keyboards. A priori, it stands out for its particular design: the keys are round, a feature that may seem uncomfortable to some people, although the truth is that they are very ergonomic.

In addition, it has a layer of textured plastic that makes it a very pleasant experience to the touch and does not accumulate oils or traces of sweat. But, it is not a device that only has to stand out for its design: its functionalities are even better than what is expected for such a price. For example, it has a very good response speed and its battery (works with two AAA batteries) can last around two years using several hours a day.

4. Logitech K270, a classic and very cheap wireless keyboard for Mac

We do not forget the good low-cost options. The Logitech K270 is achieved for about 30 euros (or even less) and is a keyboard that, without much pretension, can be used for day to day. Its design is quite simple, although we have to say that it is very elegant.

The layout of your keys is comfortable and has buttons on the top bar with which you can manage multimedia content; as well as direct access to Home or email. That does not seem to be a good alternative if you spend many hours writing. If that is your case, we recommend you invest in other more ergonomic options on the list.

5. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic, the most comfortable and ergonomic keyboard

We will not deny it, to see the design of this keyboard you can doubt a bit of the adjective “ergonomic”  that has put Microsoft to your product. And it has a curved shape and a division that separates the keys that should be used with the right hand of those that must be pressed with the left. But no, the multinational Bill Gates has not gone mad to make this keyboard and really is one of the best wireless keyboards for Mac.

Although at first, it can be a bit difficult to adapt, this device is designed so that our wrists are straight at all times and have the least impact possible, something that will good for all those people who usually type a lot. If you are looking for comfort, the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic is one of your best alternatives. Of course, maybe some Mac purists do not like the idea of using the Windows key to supplement the CMD.

 6. Logitech Easy-Switch K811, the quietest Mac keyboard

If your job requires writing a lot, our recommendation is that you do not hesitate to invest in this keyboard. There are cheaper Logitech models (we already talked about, for example, the K380) and although the Easy-Switch is priced considerably higher, around 100 euros, it really is a worthwhile option.

It works by Bluetooth and its keys are very thin and comfortable, which makes the feeling when writing is very pleasant. Also, it makes little noise and its design is thought to keep your wrists in a good position. It should also be said that it is designed exclusively for Mac, which is why it is really nice with this operating system.

7. Microsoft T9T, the lowest cost option

The second alternative between wireless keyboards for Microsoft Mac is not bad either. The T9T can be achieved for just 25 euros and is truly an option that writers will appreciate very much, as its curved design keeps the wrists in a very comfortable position.

It incorporates Bluetooth technology and works with two AAA batteries. It is specially designed for Windows, but the truth is that it adapts very well to Mac; though, in the case of Sculpt, you should not have trouble using the Windows button as the CMD key.

8. Logitech K780, compatible with Mac, iPad, and iPhone

It is no coincidence that Logitech’s options abound on this list of best wireless keyboards for Mac. And the Swiss company has greatly innovated in the world of peripheral devices for computers and laptops. In the case of the K780, we have an ideal keyboard for people wishing to connect all their devices.

Do you want to use your Mac, your iPad, and iPhone at the same time? Well, this is just the alternative you need. To this keyboard, you can connect up to 3 devices at a time and integrates a support for tablets and mobile phones. As for design, it has that special feature of the K380, because its keys are also round. It works with both Bluetooth and USB technology and requires two AAA batteries.

9. Logitech Illuminated Keyboard K810, backlit

This is a very comfortable, light alternative and stands out especially because it has backlighting in all letters, including function. In addition, it is a very comfortable keyboard to use with a variety of devices. Its matte black color blends seamlessly with the new MacBook and iMac colors that Apple introduced this year. Do not miss it!

10. Logitech K750, a keyboard with a very friendly environment

It does not have to be a contradiction to be a fan of technology and worry about the planet. In fact, today the most innovative ideas are those ecological alternatives, in almost any field. This is what has the K750, a very pleasant surprise that has given us Logitech.

In addition to being a keyboard with a very comfortable and functional design stands out for the way it gets its energy: it incorporates a battery that is recharged by sunlight or artificial. That is, to charge it you will only have to place it in the sun or under a light bulb. Something you need to do about every two or three months. Its price is close to 80 euros, an investment that does not seem exaggerated if we consider that you will not have to buy batteries. It works with a USB connector and fits really well with Mac.

11. Logitech MK220, keyboard and mouse combo for Mac

This option is the best value in the online stores. Its battery life, comfort and, also, its low price, make it one of the best alternatives as a desktop keyboard for an iMac or Mac Mini.

12. Logitech MK235, a low profile keyboard and very comfortable

If you like minimalist keyboards, the MK235 can be your best companion. It includes a very simple mouse and comfortable to use. The keys of this accessory for Mac are very low, and they give an aspect of the most interesting thing on the table.

13. 3Go Combodrilew, gaming keyboard for Mac

Within our selection of wireless keyboards for Mac, you could not miss this gaming option. With 1000 DPI and keys in different colors, it has earned the trust of hundreds of buyers in most online stores, with some really good reviews. It also includes a wireless mouse with an optical sensor and three buttons.

14. Trust DS-3400D, a classic and very comfortable option

Inside the classic keyboards for Mac, we also find the option of Trust. Function keys limited to the minimum possible space, a comfortable and useful design, and also includes a wireless mouse that we can link with the same USB sensor.

15. 1byone, the best folding keyboard for MacBook

If none of the easily transportable wireless keyboards we have named above have convinced you, because you need to always save as much space as possible, we also have an option for you: 1byone. This is a three-part folding keyboard that also has a very comfortable and pleasant to the touch design.

It has a rechargeable lithium battery, so you will not have to carry batteries either. The charge lasts up to 64 hours, a good feature considering the practicality of this keyboard. It works with Bluetooth and its price is around 40 euros.

16. VicTsing, the best wireless keyboard with touchpad

Finally, we did not want to leave out an option that, while not ideal to use as the main keyboard, can be a very good alternative to control your computer remotely or for sporadic occasions away from home. It is a very good option for the Mac Mini, or to control the MacBook in certain cases. We talk, of course, of the VicTsing, a mini wireless keyboard for Mac that incorporates Touchpad.

It has a good number of keys that work as direct access, especially to manage multimedia content; plus it has a light and comfortable design. Its price is not at all high, can be found at approximately 20 euros. It works with a rechargeable 810 mAh lithium battery and connects via mini USB.

So far, our list of the most powerful, useful and comfortable wireless keyboards for Mac has arrived. We have seen ergonomic keyboards, with great autonomy or with backlit letters, so now you only have to choose the one that best suits you. what you are looking for.

What do you think of this selection of wireless keyboards for Mac? Do you know any good option? Tell us your story.


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