9 Best calendar apps for iPhone

Best calendar apps for iPhone

The carry an agenda to date has benefits of all kinds. And is that from the beginning of humanity the human being has needed to maintain an organization of its months, days and hours, in order to achieve the freedom of his mind. That’s why Apple motivates you to discover your iPhone calendar apps, so you’ll have a control over all things to do. That’s why in this article, we will tell you about 9 best calendar apps for iPhone.

One of the most important benefits of using a calendar or task manager is to be aware of all outstanding activities and to have some chronological organization to implement all tasks raised\. Owning the iPhone calendar app can turn a chaotic, messy life into a coordinated one, with a working system that increases your productivity and motivates long-term goal planning.

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If on the other hand, you are a busy person that needs to take control of your activities, you can count on the organizational capacity of these apps agenda for iPhone and thus keep order in your day today.

Below you will see 9 of the best iPhone calendar apps.

  1. CalenMob (Download from iTunes) is a free application that is available to all users using the Google calendar. It records all the events and allows them to be shared with all the contacts, and the offline mode allows to manage the events and then synchronize them to our Google account.
  2. CalCube (Download from iTunes): for its innovative rotating 3D cube shape, this calendar that comes in weeks surprises us with its speed. And to register an event is only necessary to enter the name and time to be assigned and registered.
  3. PlenoFamilia (Download from iTunes ): A free application made by and for parents. PlenoFamilia has as a function of the family tasks, as well as the information of the events of all the members of the household. Each member of the family has the opportunity to add their own programs and notify the rest of their schedules.
  4. Cal (Download from iTunes): being able to organize every special moment of your life can become a colossal task, but if you have a calendar application like this, that besides helping you facilitate all your activities is 100% free for your iPhone, you can be sure that everything will be much simpler. You can even synchronize with Uber to manage your transport in each event.
  5. PhotoCal (Download from iTunes): free application that opens a window to the possibility of creating our most personal calendar. You can design the calendar of your choice, with up to four photos per month, adding personalized text on the cover. PhotoCal allows you to locate the most important events of the year and highlight them with the image of your preference.
  6. ColorCal (Download from iTunes): convinced that the use of colors can become a sure technique to organize our events, colorCal is a free application that has created each type of task with a specific value within the chromatic scale.
  7. Task and Cal (Download from iTunes): With this free application you will manage to effortlessly direct your personal events and then synchronize them to the iOS Calendar App. You can also design your own color code and set the priority level for each task.
  8. PhotoCal (Download from iTunes): with PhotoCal you have the possibility to configure the lock screen of your iPhone and add the calendar information with your favorite images. It’s free calendar app for iPhone.
  9. Awesome Calendar (Download from iTunes ): bets for its simplicity for the creation of new tasks, to which you can add photos and notes, that later you can share them with your office companions. This free application includes support for other calendars and real-time updates of all your events.

So these were the suggestions of best calendar apps for iPhone. Use them and give us review in the comment section below.


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