Apple Watch Series 3: All you need to know

Apple Watch Series 3

On September 12 Apple introduced a new generation of its smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 3. The main novelty of the new device is that it includes LTE connectivity, which makes its dependence on the iPhone much smaller and can be used to make calls or streaming music if you need to have an iPhone close.

Despite this important news, the Cupertino company has not stayed there and the device has other improvements compared to past generations that makes it a much more interesting and complete device.

Undoubtedly it is the most representative novelty of the Apple Watch Series 3 and the one that marks the biggest difference compared to previous generations.

Thanks to the incorporation of LTE technology, the device is much less dependent on an iPhone than in generations past with all that this supposes: to be able to go out to practice sport only with the clock, to make calls directly from the wrist or simply to play music in streaming and listen to it on wireless headphones like AirPods.

Apple Watch Series 3

The device has integrated an Apple SIM, a kind of virtual SIM card that is dynamically associated with the operator’s network for connectivity.

Thanks to the use of this technology they have been able to save a lot of space inside the equipment by not having to allow the installation of a standard SIM, although the downside is that most telephone companies are not ready, so the arrival of the LTE model will be delayed in many countries.

Apple Watch Series 3 Design

In general, the design of the Series 3 is identical to the one of theĀ previous generations, except a difference: in the version with LTE, the Digital Crown is of red color.

There were rumors of a possible design change before the release, but Apple has finally decided to keep the same as previous generations.

As for colors, the Apple Watch Series 3 is available inĀ silver, space gray and gold, the same colors present in the new iPhone 8. And still available in two sizes of the dial: 38 and 42 mm.

As for more technical features, the smartwatch includes the S3 and W2 chips, both developed by Apple and totally exclusive.

The S3 is the “brain” of the device. It includes a much more powerful dual-core CPU than used in previous generations. Thanks to this chip Siri now has the ability to respond with voice, apps open much faster and overall the device works more agile.

Performance testing in real-world situations demonstrates that performance has improved a lot as you can see in the previous video.

The other chip, the W2, is responsible for the entire connectivity section of the watch. Thanks to it the WiFi works up to 85% faster and both WiFi and Bluetooth are 50% more energy efficient. This latest feature has allowed Apple to integrate LTE connectivity without a negative impact on the team’s autonomy.

Barometric altimeter and GPS in Apple Watch 3

The Apple Watch is a device designed to promote a more active life, so this new feature has all the sense of the world.

The new model can record all our movements thanks to the integrated GPS and the barometric altimeter also knows the unevenness of the routes we make. This data can generate statistics of all our physical activity that we can consult on the iPhone through the Health app.

Many people like to see statistical data of their exercise sessions and be able to count all their movements to the maximum, so this feature is being very well received by lots of people.

Apple Watch 3 Availability and price

The Apple Watch Series 3 price ranges from US$329.00 to US$1,399.00.


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