The best iOS games (iPhone and iPad) 2017


We reviewed the best games for iOS (that is, both iPhone and iPad) that were launched in 2017. With this selection you will not be able to take your eyes off the screen of your devices, you are warned!

There is no doubt that 2017 is a great year for video games (and for us, who are the ones who enjoy them), but greatness is not reserved only for consoles and PC.

Mobile devices, specifically those with iOS operating system (present in the products of the Apple brand), have also been the subject of an enormous amount of launches, many of them of great quality.

That is why we have proposed to review the best games for iPhone and iPad in 2017. If you want more, do not hesitate to take a look at the rest of the compilations of the best games for iOS. Now you can charge your devices to the maximum, because we assure you that the battery will fly.

Monument Valley 2

This is the sequel to the prestigious game that dazzled millions of users thanks to its particular aesthetics and puzzles, which make an intelligent use of perspective. Monument Valley 2 repeats the scheme of his predecessor, with new levels, optical illusions and a protagonism divided between two new characters: Ro and his son.

Download Monument Valley 2 for iPhone and iPad

A Normal Lost Phone

Best iPhone & iPad games 2017

One of the most original mobile games of recent years, and which are already coming out all kinds of clones. The proposal is simple: we have found a phone, and we can investigate the various applications (emails, camera, etc.) to discover the history of its owner. It’s a simple game that will not take you more than an hour or two to complete, but your proposal (and its “story”) are so interesting, it’s worth it.

Download A Normal Lost Phone for iPhone and iPad


Kalimba Best iOS Action Game 2017

Kalimba is a platformer that uses color to shape puzzles as visually appealing as challenging. Each “monigote” is resistant to the color it represents, which forces us to alternate between them to overcome the different zones of the phases. At first, it may seem simple, but little by little the thing gets complicated with the introduction of new characters and situations.

Download Kalimba for iPhone and iPad from AppStore

Flipping Legend

Flipping Legend Review - Download Flipping Legend for iPhone and iPad

The proposal is simple: an infinite board of three squares and the possibility to move to left or right. Of course, the board is full of traps, treasures, and enemies, and each type of character has different abilities that can be improved in the purest RPG style (for example, the ninja may retreat, throw shurikens or kill enemies in quick succession). It’s those games that at first seem silly … But when you want to give an account you will be hopelessly hooked.

Download Flipping Legend for iPhone and iPad

Death Road to Canada

Download Death Road to Canada for iPhone and iPad From App Sotre

A Zombie Survival iOS game with a lot of sense of humor, where we control a group of characters who have to survive the apocalypse by collecting resources, making decisions, saving dogs and, of course, crushing undead. Each game is developed in a completely random, and if we join the great variety of characters, situations, and objects, we have game for a while.

Download Death Road to Canada for iPhone and iPad From App Store

Old Man’s Journey

Download Old Man's Journey From App Store - Best iPhone iPad Game

At Old Man’s Journey, our mission is to help an old man advance. To do this, we must “create” a safe path, modifying the terrain with simple pulsations. The proposal is simple and the puzzles are not too complicated, but there are two aspects that make this title stand out above others: its aesthetic, which makes us feel as if we were inside a painting, and its moving story. Did you think that mobile games are not capable of thrill? Play Old Man’s Journey and check it out for yourself.

Download Old Man’s Journey for iPhone and iPad


Originally released for Xbox One, PC and Android in 2016, OXENFREE is a classic-style graphic adventure, with great emphasis on the dialogue options of its protagonist, Alex. OXENFREE is one of the best games of iPhone and iPad of 2017, thanks to an artistic section that enters through the eyes, the charisma of its characters and its history, halfway enters teen comedy and supernatural.

Download OXENFREE for iPhone and iPad

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Another game that is not exactly new, but has stepped on iOS devices for the first time in 2017. The magnificent The Binding of Isaac has come to iPhone and iPad ready to hook us with its addictive gameplay, now also, anywhere. In addition, being the Rebirth edition, it includes all the graphics improvements, objects, characters and additions to the improved version.

Download The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for iPhone and iPad


FRAMED 2 best game for iPhone and iPad 2017

FRAMED 2 follows the scheme of the first FRAMED, that is: a detective story of noir aesthetic told to comic style. The grace, and what makes it so special, is that we have control over the vignettes, being able to move them to obtain different results that alter the history, resulting in one of the most original puzzles games of the last years.

Download FRAMED 2 for iPhone and iPad

Cat Quest

Cat Quest - Best iPhone and iPad Game 2017

A traditional style RPG with real-time combat, spells, objects, cities, NPCs … And cats. Lots of cats. With a great sense of humor, Cat Quest invites us to live an epic cut adventure, much more profound and addictive than it may seem at first glance. If you like RPGs and are cat lovers … You will not find a better game for your mobile phones.

Download Cat Quest for iPhone and iPad

Here is the article of best iPhone & iPad games in 2017. I hope you will find it informational. Give us your review in comment section below


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