How to Convert HEIC images to JPG With iMazing HEIF Converter

How to convert a HEIF/HEIC image to JPEG

With the arrival of iOS 11 and improvements in the processors of the iPhone and iPad, Apple decided to give the jump to the container HEIF in the photos taken from the devices themselves. This change from JPEG to HEIC is a significant saving of storage capacity, in addition to other improvements that we discussed in this article. Today we will tell you about free HEIC to JPEG converter by iMazing free HEIC converter.

The problem is that the HEIF container is not yet compatible with many non-Apple devices, so sharing a photo or similar could be a real problem. Apple took this into account and when it comes to sending an image by WhatsApp, uploading it to a social network, attaching it in a mail or similar and iOS automatically handles converting the file to JPEG and you need to know that how to convert HEIF image to JPEG.

Transfer HEIC files to JPG or PNG on Mac

It also does this automatically when transferring the images through the “official” way to a Mac or PC with Windows, but it does not happen if we use other alternatives such as software to manage iOS devices alternative to iTunes such as iMazing. With this type of software we can get the original HEIF files and they would not be compatible with almost any device (yes with Mac in case of having high Sierra macOS and an Intel processor of sixth generation or higher).

How to convert HEIC format to JPEG

It is at this point that iMazing free HEIC to JPEG Converter comes in, a software that has just seen the light and that allows to convert HEIC files to JPEG or PNG, that is, compatible with virtually any device.

The mode of operation of the software is very simple. Simply open it, drag the file or HEIF files to the window, choose the output format (JPG or PNG) and click on the convert button to start the task immediately. After a few seconds, the software will have done its job and we will get the photos in the chosen format.

How to convert .heic format to .jpg

iMazing free HEIC Converter is available completely free of charge on the web of its developers and is compatible with both macOS and Windows. Behind its development is the same company that created applications like iMazing Mini or iMazing itself, a company with a great experience and that creates a really powerful, solvent and complete software to manage iOS devices.

Of course, it is important to mention that to convert HEIC image to JPG or PNG means losing all the advantages of the new container. For example, the possibility of:

  • making edits without losing the original shot
  • saving sequences of images in a single file

Although at the moment there is no better alternative to convert HEIC image to JPEG if we want to share a photograph with people who are not within the “Apple ecosystem”.


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