4 Ways To Fix Siri Not Responding on Apple Watch

Siri Not Working on Apple Watch

When  Siri does not work on Apple Watch, it is usually due to a software failure, not hardware as some people think. Your Apple Watch microphone may have been damaged, although it is the least likely solution of all possible solutions, so let’s see what options we have and what cases we should rule out.

Hey Siri does not work on Apple Watch: Solutions

“Hey Siri” is a feature that watchOS has borrowed from iOS. It allows you to activate Siri using the “Hey Siri” voice command, but in some cases, it does not work as it should.

The “Hey Siri” functionality in apple watch is very comfortable when we can not pick up the iPhone, or in this case, touch the Apple Watch. “Hey Siri” activation in watchOS only requires raising the wrist, although there are several problems that could cause Siri to not respond to this voice command. Let’s see some solutions.

Problems with Siri in Apple

  • Hey Siri does not work.
  • Siri has trouble connecting to the network.
  • Siri is not available.


1. Check the wireless connection: Make sure your Apple Watch is connected to the iPhone and has an Internet connection. You can try out an app that connects to the Internet to rule out being caused by this reason.

2. Is Siri activated?

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings> General> Siri and check whether the Apple Voice Assistant is enabled.
  • In the Apple Watch, go to Settings> General> Siri and make sure you have enabled the option.

3. Check the status of the microphone: Try to download this free app for iOS and Apple Watch. Record an audio note and make sure the microphone works. If it does not work, you should turn to Apple technical support.

4. Unleash the Apple Watch: A solution that sometimes works, and eliminates software flaws dragged between versions. As we can not restore the Apple Watch, it is a good choice.

I hope that one of those options has helped you solve the problem of Hey Siri not responding in Apple Watch, especially when it does not work, as it is a little desperate.


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