How To Update WhatsApp Status With an Audio File

How To Update WhatsApp Status With an Audio File

For some time now we have enjoyed WhatsApp’s ability to share status: that feature allows us to upload a photo or a video that will be deleted after 24 hours of being published. But what happens if what we want to share audio, for example, a song? It’s possible. There is a particular trick that will help us do that. Want to know how to add audio to WhatsApp status on iPhone? Today we tell you!

Add audio to WhatsApp status on iPhone

Actually, it is a very simple trick and that even may seem a bit clumsy or rudimentary. But, it works and that’s the important thing. In fact, the same procedure can be used to share audio in Instagram stories, so, although simple, it is quite useful.

Note that we can not directly share an audio in a WhatsApp status, although we will not need to download any additional applications or make any complicated software modifications.

audio status in whatsapp on iphone

To add audio to WhatsApp status on iPhone, you only need to:

  1. Place your iPhone on some flat surface. You can use a dining table or your desk. And, if you still have the box of your phone, you can make use of the mold in which it came, so the camera will not protrude. In short, all this to achieve a black background for our status.
  2. Now open the music application that you use on your phone and play the song or file you want to share. You can also use another device and play the audio near your iPhone.
  3. From there, you’ll just have to go to WhatsApp and perform the normal procedure to share a status. The screen will be black and the audio you want will be recorded. That black background you can edit and decorate with the options given by the application.

And ready! Now you know how to add audio status to WhatsApp on iPhone. We told you it was a pretty simple trick, but the important thing is that now you can share a song or voice note with your contacts.


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