Movavi iPhone Video Converter – Convert any Video For iPhone, iPad

Movavi iPhone Video Converter - Free iPad & iPhone Video Converter

Have you ever used the Videos app that brings all iPhone and iPad? If you are not a regular from the iTunes Store it is possible that you are not familiar, since the app is not compatible with most videos that can be found on the Internet. IOS videos only support a small set of video formats and so you need to convert the videos to these to be able to play them within the app. Do you want to learn how to do it so you can sync videos through iTunes? Keep reading, we’ll tell you how to convert videos for iPhone.

Convert any video for iPhone to a format compatible with the iOS Videos app

In order to convert the video files to a format compatible with the iOS Videos app, we will use the Movavi Video Converter app, which you can download from here for Mac or Windows.

This software conversion task for converting iPhone videos is very simple and fast. In addition, the resulting files offer a very high image quality, so you can enjoy the content on your iOS devices (or any other mobile device, as it is not only compatible with formats for Apple devices).

The steps to follow to convert any video to a format compatible with iPhone and iPad are the following:

  1. Open Movavi Video Converter and drag the video or videos you want to convert to the main window.
  2. Click on the Device tab.
  3. Now click on Apple and choose the device for which you want to do the conversion like iPhone X, iPhone 8 (Plus) or previous versions like iPhone 7/s.
  4. Choose the folder in which the files generated by the software will be saved.
  5. If you do not want the files to be included in the iTunes library, click on Load in and uncheck the iTunes option.
  6. Finally, click on the Convert button.

After following these instructions the software will get to work. The conversion time will depend on the power of your Mac or PC, the size, and duration of the original videos, the output format, etc. It is not possible to give an approximation but to say that the process is quite fast and that it is possible to continue to use the computer while working.

Once finished, you will find the already converted files in the folder selected in step 4 and you can transfer them to your iDevices through iTunes to play them from the official Videos app of the operating system.

Convert Video For iPhone (Many Videos)

An option that we find very useful is the automatic shutdown when it completes the task to convert videos for iPhone.

With this function, it is possible to leave Movavi Video Converter working on the conversion of one or more videos and that when it finishes to shut down or to put the computer at rest automatically . Especially useful if we want to convert plenty of videos during the night and the computer turns off when all the tasks are finished.

You can configure this option from the Settings – When finished menu.

Now you know how to convert videos for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch in a simple, fast and with a great quality of the image.


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