How to pair a Bluetooth headset to your Apple Watch

How to pair a Bluetooth headset to your Apple Watch

Listening to music on the Apple Watch using wireless headphones

One of the virtues of Apple Watch is the ability to save up to 2GB of music in your memory. This will prevent us from having to carry the iPhone to go jogging or go to the gym. So in this article, we will learn that how to pair a Bluetooth headset to your Apple Watch.

If you have answered a call from the Apple Watch, or you use Siri often, you will know how limited your small speaker is. Due to its low power, if we want to enjoy a good musical experience we will have to pair Apple Watch with a Bluetooth headset such as LG Tone Infinium, Beats Powerbeats 2 or Bose Soundlink, among others. This is a very simple process that we explain from here.

connect a Bluetooth device to your Apple Watch

How to sync your Apple Watch with a Bluetooth headset

  1. Press the digital crown to go to the Home Screen.
  2. Enter the Settings application.
  3. Tap Bluetooth.
  4. Tap the name of the device you want to link to.

The status of the device will change from “Not Paired” to “Connected” once the connection is established.

pair Bluetooth headphones with your Apple Watch

Apple has always been very important to music. Recall that they revolutionized the industry a few years ago when Steve Jobs introduced a small portable device to play music: the iPod. For this, they created a software called iTunes that has managed to be the biggest store of the music of the world and the current scale of the sales of disks in digital format. Already in 2014 bought for about 3,000 million dollars the company Beats, one of the high-end headphones companies of the greater impact of the last years and founded by the rapper Dr. Dre. It is rare to see any famous football player on television with headphones other than beats.

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The latest big move by Apple in the music industry has been to create Apple Music, its new subscription-based music service to compete with Spotify. A few days ago we read how Apple’s music service had reached 11 million users and is fast approaching Spotify.

How to Pair Bluetooth Headphones to Apple Watch

It was clear that seeing all this, and the importance of music for the Cupertino guys, Apple Watch was not going to be an exception. Already in his presentation, Tim Cook made clear the ability of the smartwatch with music :

“The Apple Watch requires an iPhone because they are designed to work together. However, if you go running, and you do not want to carry your iPhone with you, the music is also on your watch. So with a Bluetooth headset, you can run and listen to your music without the iPhone.”

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