How to Add the Copyright or Trademark symbol on iPhone

Add the Copyright or Trademark symbol on iPhone

It is a fact that since the emoji came out on our iPhone, we have facilitated our writing when talking to someone by chat, they are really useful! We know that these symbols give the funny and funny touch in each of the conversations. But what about the technical symbols? This time we’ll tell you how to add the Copyright or Trademark symbol to your iPhone in an easy way.

If you are just entering this world of emojis, you have to know that they are not only fun emoticons of faces, animals, and other everyday elements, but also, that keyboard has different symbols such as Copyright or Trademark, which will help to finish complementing our conversations in necessary contexts.

Here is a video tutorial too to add symbols on iPhone:

How to add the Copyright or Trademark symbol

Adding the trademark symbol in our conversations is easier than you think. However, you have to make sure you have the emojis keyboard on your iPhone. This way, you can use these symbols easily by following these steps:

  1. First, after making sure you have the emojis keyboard on your iPhone, open any application where you can write, be it Notes, WhatsApp, Email or any other.
  2. After completing the previous step, you will see how your mobile phone’s keyboard appears, here you will have to click on the icon at the bottom of the globe-shaped keyboard.
  3. Press the option named “Emoji”.
  4. Then, appearing Emoji keyboard, tap into the latter category that appears with these symbols ” !? # “.
  5. Finally, slide the keyboard and you will see a lot of symbols, including the one of  Copyright and Trademark, when you see it selects that you are interested and send it where you need it.

How do you make the registered trademark and copyright symbol in Word?

 After you have done these steps, you will see how these emoji begin to form part of your conversations. This way, you can use them in the required context. Do you have any doubt? Do not? Well now you know how to add the symbol Copyright or Trademark on iPhone and you can add it to the texts you need.


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