How To Get Whatsapp Coloured Text Status Feature For Your iPhone

How To Get Whatsapp Coloured Text Status Feature For Your iPhone

If something is safe with WhatsApp is that, after each update, we will find new and interesting functions. Of course, some will be more useful than others. But those that are not, do not stop us from appearing amused. This time, a new feature has caught our attention and today we tell you how to add colors to WhatsApp status on iPhone.

Yes, again the WhatsApp status are protagonists in an update of this mobile messaging app. There is no denying that these publications, which are deleted within 24 hours of sharing, are having a lot of success in WhatsApp and social networks like Facebook or Instagram.

Learn how to add colors to WhatsApp Status on iPhone

Of course, to color your WhatsApp status, the first thing to do is to install the latest version of the app on your device. When you upgrade, you will notice that, in addition to new features, slight changes have been made in the application interface.

Add Colorful Text On Whatsapp Status

And, to add colors to the whatsapp status, you should only follow this simple and fast procedure:

  1. First, once you have the latest version of WhatsApp, go to the status tab.
  2. Then click on the pencil icon next to your photo.
  3. Now, you only have to choose the color of your preference above, in the icon of the color palette, and write what you want to share.

And ready! Your WhatsApp status will already have the color you think is convenient. In addition, you now have the possibility to change the font type. And, take a look at the things you can add, because some new features have also been included.

There is no denying that these publications are increasingly customizable, a feature that makes them very entertaining. Have you tried out the new Colorful status of WhatsApp? Tell us how you have gone!


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