How to Set Up Apple Pay on iPhone and Apple Watch

Set up Apple Pay on iPhone and Apple Watch

In order to make use of Apple Play we need an iPhone 6 or higher or any version of Apple Watch. These devices have an NFC chip, which makes them compatible with Contactless payments that are already present in lots of establishments and with the service developed by Apple.

In addition to having one of these devices we also need a compatible card. If we already have the necessary elements, we can configure Apple Pay on our devices by registering the cards we want. The procedure is really simple and in the following lines, we explain step by step.

How to register a card at Apple Pay

1.- We open the Wallet app on our iPhone 6, 6s or 7.

2.- We click on the option Add credit or debit card that appears at the top.

3.- Enter the password of Apple ID in case it asks and we touch OK.

4.- The service welcomes us and we must touch the Next button at the top right to begin the scanning of our cards.

5.- We focus the card with the camera of the iPhone until it recognizes the numbering. In case you do not recognize it, or if you prefer, we can enter the number manually by touching the option Enter the data manually that appears at the bottom of the screen. In our example, we follow the process with recognition through the camera.

6.- Now it will show the numbering and the name that it has detected and it will allow us to correct it in case they are not correct.

7.- The next step is to confirm the expiration date. Sometimes the recognition of the camera will configure it correctly, but sometimes we have to enter it manually.

8.- We read and accept the terms and conditions of our bank.

9.- Now we will have to validate the card through an SMS. To receive it we must check the option Text message and touch Next. In a few seconds, we receive the code by SMS and we will have to enter it and confirm with the Next button.

If everything went well, the card will be activated and ready to be used from the iPhone in which we have just released it or from the Apple Watch synced to it.

 set up and use Apple Pay on your Apple Watch

How to pay with Apple Pay at a physical location

After taking the above steps to set up our cards in Apple Pay we can already use them to pay in establishments or in websites compatible with the service.

If you want to make the payment from the iPhone, we must do it in one of two ways:

  1. Press the Home button twice to launch Apple Pay and bring the smartphone to the Contactless POS.
  2. We open the Wallet app, select the app we want to use, bring the iPhone to the POS and confirm the payment with Touch ID.
    If we prefer to use the Apple Watch to pay the procedure is to press twice the button under the digital crown and bring the clock closer to the POS. In this case, it is not necessary to identify ourselves with Touch ID.



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