How To Stop iCloud Calendar Spam And Shared Album Invitations

How to Stop iCloud Calendar Spam

Spammers do not stop looking for ways to get their message to more people better and in recent weeks have begun to use a new channel for it: invitations to calendar events and iCloud shared photos.

At the moment there is no real way to stop this 100% spam, as these iCloud features do not have an antispam filter as it does in an e-mail. Luckily has appeared a method that can help us stop it in part and in the following lines will explain how it works.

How to prevent iCloud spam in calendars and shared photos

The method that spammers are using is to send invitations to events through the iCloud calendar or invitations to share a photo. This way they can send the information they want us to see, with supposed offers, links to web pages, etc.

By default, we have no way to prevent this from happening and if we decide to touch the option Reject when receiving one of these invitations, we are giving the spammer clues that our iCloud account is active, as they receive the response. That could cause our service email to end up on a list of active users and the volume of mailings increase.

Given this situation, from AppleTips, explain a method that we can use so that at least spammers do not receive the rejection response and do not know that our account is active. Basically, the method is to save all those invitations in a calendar created for it and then delete it completely. This way our email could end up in a list of inactive accounts and could stop sending us spam, although of course, we can not guarantee 100% that this will happen.

Tips to Stop Spam Through Shared Calendar Invitations and iCloud Photos

To avoid sending the rejection response of the invitations we receive through the iCloud calendar we must take the following steps (we explain with examples from the iPhone, but of course this same thing can be done on iPad, iPod Touch, Mac or directly in the iCloud website).

1.- Open the Calendar app and touch  Calendars at the bottom of the screen.

Stop iCloud Calendar Spam

2.- Touch the Edit button in the upper left corner of the screen and then on Add calendar.

Stop iCloud Calendar Spam

3.- We put a name to the new calendar that will house all the spam events that we are receiving. In our case, we will call it Spam and we touch on the button Ok top right to create it.

4.- We open the spam invitation by touching it and in the Calendar section we choose the one we just created. We repeat this step with all the invitations of spam that we have awaiting the response.

5.- We touch Calendars again at the bottom of the screen and touch on the information icon next to the name of the calendar Spam.

6.- We move to the lower zone and touch on the option Delete calendar. A confirmation message will appear in which we must touch the Delete calendar option again.

That’s it, by performing these steps we will get rid of spam invitations and spammers will not get any response from our account. As we said, this could make them stop trying to send us a spam message when there is no activity.

In the case of receiving invitations to use iCloud shared photos there is not much we can do. The only possibility to stop receiving these invitations at the moment is to deactivate the function, something that we can do by accessing Settings – iCloud – Photos and deactivating the Shared Photos option in iCloud.

We assume that by now Apple will be aware of the problem and hope that sooner or later they will launch a solution. At least one option to report invitations as spam and block access to iCloud to spammers.


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