How To Use your Mac Computer in Closed Display

How To Use your Mac Computer in Closed Display

If you are one of those people who are accustomed to using the MacBook as a desktop computer by connecting a screen, you should learn to use a MacBook with the screen closed. But how could we use our laptop with the hinge lowered? Let’s see it and you will see what you were missing so far.

It is a fact that Apple has thought of this option to give an adequate answer to the question of many of its users. Making the settings to use this function is very easy, and here we will explain all the steps so that you can use your MacBook with the screen closed in a simple way.

But before you start with this process, it is necessary to keep in mind that your laptop always has to be connected to your charger and in turn, plugged into an electric current, this will prevent any failure. Also, we will advise you to have some elements necessary for the process. These are the following:

  • A mouse and a screen to use on your laptop in the form of USB or wireless (depending on your preference).
  • The battery charger on your computer.
  • The external display you want to use. Make sure it is compatible with your MacBook. It may be necessary to use an adapter to facilitate connection in the process.

How to use your MacBook in closed-screen mode?

After following the tips we mentioned, we will teach you how to use a MacBook with the screen closed:

  1. First connect the external display to your laptop.
  2. Then, you expect the Mac desktop to be displayed on the external display.
  3. After that, close the back of your laptop. In this step, the external keyboard and mouse must be connected so that you can control your MacBook.

And finally you can enjoy your MacBook with the screen closed, everything depending on the version that it has, such as:

  1. If your MacBook has Lion 10.7 or later, first the external display will turn blue. Then, it will show you the desktop for your total enjoyment.
  2. If your case is different and your MacBook has Snow Leopard 10.6.8 or earlier: the screen of your laptop will be in sleep mode and to disable it that way you will have to click on any of the mouse buttons, or on such In this case, press any external keyboard commands that are connected.

Note that if you have wireless peripherals via Bluetooth, it is necessary that after being paired with your laptop, make sure that the option to “activate the computer using Bluetooth devices ” is enabled. If you follow this and all the indications commented throughout the post, everything will progress normally. So enjoy using your MacBook in closed screen mode and give us your precious feedback below in comments section.


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