How to turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11

Turn off WiFi or Bluetooth on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11

One of the main updates of iOS 11 is a complete renovation of the Control Center. The design change is the most visible, but it is not the only one. Now it allows you to customize some of the buttons it displays, including new features such as the ability to record video on your device screen or control an Apple TV remotely. In addition to all this has brought a change that for many have gone unnoticed, but that completely changes the way we activate and deactivate WiFi and Bluetooth on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Relating to that in this tutorial we will explain that “How to turn off WiFi or Bluetooth on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11“.

In the iOS Control Center 11 a touch on the WiFi or Bluetooth icons do not completely disable the connectivity, but simply disconnects all active connections. When you press the WiFi button the iDevice will disconnect from the network to which it was connected, but it will still be active.

So, is it possible to completely turn off Bluetooth and WiFi on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iOS 11? Of course yes and in the following lines, we explain how to do it.

How to turn off WiFi completely on iPhone and iPad with iOS 11

To turn off the WiFi service completely on an iPhone or iPad with iOS 11 the steps to follow are:

  1. Open the Settings app and go to Wi-Fi.
  2. Turn off the main switch.

Turning off Bluetooth completely on iOS 11

In the case of Bluetooth the steps are very similar to those described in the previous section to turn off wifi:

  1. Open Settings and go to Bluetooth.
  2. Turn off the main switch.

With these steps, we can deactivate Bluetooth and WiFi services whenever we want. Something especially useful if we know that we will not use them for many hours and that can help us to save battery in any compatible iPhone or iPad.

Why have the Wifi & Bluetooth controls changed?

Apple has explained that they have done this so that the connectivity is always on and does not affect features that need them like Handoff, Continuity, AirDrop or the Universal Clipboard.

This change of operation of the Bluetooth and WiFi buttons of the Control Center has caused some confusion among users since we had been using them differently for years and surely it will take some getting used to.

Are you able to turn off wifi or Bluetooth on iPhone or iPad on iOS 11? And what do you think about this behavior change? Do you think Apple was successful or just created confusion?


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