How to Scan QR codes from iPhone and iPad with iOS 11


All iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 11 include a QR code reader. Thanks to the integration of this function natively in the operating system we can dispense with installing third-party apps and still be able to quickly scan all the QR codes we need.

QR codes are used in lots of different situations. They are commonly used in information points at the foot of the street, they are present in the packaging of many products and in an endless number of different places. Its main function is to take the user to a website where you can find more information about the product or service or give a quick access to download an app to give some examples.

Scan qr Code iOS 11

Do you hear some codes with white background and different black blocks without an apparent order? That’s the QR codes and throughout this article, you can see some, plus learn how to scan QR code on ios 11 from any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

How to scan QR codes on iOS 11 from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch without installing any app

What you should do to read such a code from your device with iOS 11 is as follows:

  1. Open the Camera app.
  2. Focus the QR code on it (it is not necessary to touch the trigger) and after a moment the device will show you a notification.
  3. Tap on the notification to access the URL that includes the code.
  4. Read QR codes from iPhone or iPad.

And that’s it, in this easy way you can read any QR code from the native iOS Camera app and access the URL that “hides”.

Scan QR Codes with iPhone or iPad in iOS 11

Of course in the App Store you can find different apps to scan QR codes and install them if you want, but having the function of natively in the operating system may be taking up space unnecessarily. So here the tutorial to scan QR code in iOS 11 ends. Try this and tell us your experience in comments below.


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