How to Turn off iPhone Without the Power Button on iOS 11

How To Turn On iPhone Without Using Power Button

With the launch of the new operating system by Apple last September, we have seen how some things have changed in the way we perform everyday gestures with our iPhone in iOS 11. Today we bring you a new feature that includes iOS 11, which will allow us to turn off iPhone without the power button.

This option, you probably do not have to use it often, but in case you have an iPhone malfunction or a problem with the power button or if the lock button is broken, it may get you out of a hurry. It will also be useful for those people who have difficulty in tightening the buttons. Let’s see how to turn off iPhone without using the power button.

How to turn off iPhone without the power button on iOS 11

  1. First, we must go to the application Settings of our device.
  2. Once inside Settings, go to the General section.
  3. In General, sliding down completely, we see in the last position the option to Shut down. If we click on it, we will have the option of “Sliding to turn off”.

It’s that simple. At the moment the iPhone cannot be turned off by an order given to Siri.

How to Enable Assistive Touch on iPhone, iPad, iOs 11

The functionality that replaces the power/standby button and the home button is called AssitiveTouch.

To enable assistive touch on iPhone in iOS 11 to restart the iPhone without the power button, follow these steps:

  1. First, you must go to Settings on your device.
  2. Once in Settings, click on General and you will access the submenu.
  3. In General, we will find a section with the name Accessibility, press and enter the next menu.
  4. In Accessibility, in the Interaction category, we find the AssitiveTouch option, if activated we will be shown a floating home button on the device screen.

The “home button” floating, appears blurred, to annoy the least essential on the screen of our iPhone.

Once you click it, it becomes completely clear, and a floating window is opened, with six options available, among them:

  1. Notifications
  2. Device
  3. Control Center
  4. Home
  5. Siri
  6. Customize, one of the most interesting options, that once you press it, offers the options of Pinch, 3D Touch and Press twice.

If you are facing any problem with iPhone or your iPhone is broken then I hope this tutorial will help you to turn off iPhone without the power button


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