iPhone X won’t reveal your lock screen notifications to anyone else


There are only 3 weeks left in the launch of the iPhone X, but even less so that Apple allows to reserve the device that is giving so much to talk about. There are numerous news reports that Apple is very fair in the stock of its future flagship and this added to it has an amazing demand, they will have to spend a few months for those interested to get their unit. If on October 27, you manage to reserve a unit for the first day of sale, you will be one of the lucky few.

The iPhone X will be tricky to acquire in the early days

2017 has been the year for manufacturers to make the leap to borderless displays. The iPhone X was the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, so it had to stand out above the other smartphones. This made the designers and engineers have to work tirelessly to get it and to make a device without frames on the screen.

Apple has been able to solve the problems of this device with absolute brilliance, an example of this was how they managed to eliminate the lower bezel in the iPhone X, since having a lower bezel was absolutely imperative due to the requirements of its internal components. Look at this image:

notifications with the blocked screen of of iPhone x

As you can see Apple used flexible panels for this iPhone X as well, it has managed to place the display driver component below it and be able to remove the lower bezel. In the image below you can see “although the smartphones have a screen from edge to edge”, the iPhone continues to stand out as it has done all these years.

If you have been amazed by this great solution to remove the bezel of the iPhone X, wait to see this new feature that has been discovered by the blog PhoneArena.

Apple has used the biometric Face ID as a new security system, leaving aside the Touch ID. This recognition has been revolutionary since no smartphone incorporates it. For this reason, I could not waste its capacity on a simple (but safe) security system for our iPhone, so it has gone a step further. In the new iPhone X, if you lift the phone to see the notifications will appear as usual, but if any other user does not appear on the screen, this is logically possible.

Here we leave you an image of how they see the notifications of the owner vs unregistered user:

This new way of viewing the notifications with the blocked screen lets you see that Apple not only wants the facial recognition to be a function for the iPhone’s security, but it will incorporate new features that with the Touch ID would not be so useful.


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