Is The iPhone X Waterproof?

Is The iPhone X Waterproof?

In the last event made by Apple where they unveiled their new flagships, the iPhone X showed that it takes a great advantage to another top of the range, because its processor A11 Bionic, its battery with more than 7 hours of autonomy and its section photographic, make it the best purchase option to finish the year. But in addition, the iPhone X is waterproof.

For many, the iPhone X has been the best phone Apple has announced, this is because it is an iPhone with a stylish and premium design. Besides that, it has a great variety of novelties and characteristics, some of them are variants and others completely new.

Surely you have the unknown to know if the iPhone X is waterproof, so if that is the case, you have reached a good port, because we bring the answer for you. Why we say it

Watch this amazing video of iPhone X in water vs Samsung Galaxy S8 in water for one hour.

The new iPhone X itself is waterproof, yes!

Apple has implemented this new water resistance to its latest 3 mobiles such as the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X. So, yes, the iPhone X itself is waterproof, but it is not submersible.

iPhone 8 iPhone X specifications

The new iPhone X can be submerged up to 1 meter deep, for a maximum time of 30 minutes, we thought it would be less time, but those of the apple bite have innovated by allowing this action for that amount of time. With this, you will not have to worry if you are in the pool using it or if by accident a drop of water falls on him because in his defect nothing will happen, absolutely nothing.

If you plan to buy the new iPhone X, you will know that apart from having a very elegant exclusive design, you will also have a mobile that is water resistant. Now we want to know your opinion,  What do you think about this novelty? We look forward to your comments and concerns in the comments section.


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