PDFelement VS PDF Expert, what is the best PDF app for iPhone,iPad, Mac?

PDFelement VS PDF Expert

In this article, we will analyze and review these two best PDF apps, PDFelement VS PDF Expert.Embarking on the digital path has become a trend among readers, who tend to appreciate the simplicity and versatility of the electronic format over their physical counterpart, whether novels or working papers. PDF is a very important file format that has gained popularity and is well recognized for the feature that allows a file to look the same regardless of the system or platform that opens it.

However, stability in formatting can sometimes be a nuisance, at least when talking about modifying a PDF file; especially if we consider that a PDF editor is designed for such purpose.

Comparison between PDFelement and PDF Expert

Today, there are different types of software or applications for PDF editing, each with different approaches to its functions.

Here are some reference tips on what a PDF editor should look like to be functional and easy to use:

  1. Fluent reading experience. There should be no problems, errors, or drawbacks, even with hundreds of open PDF pages.
  2. It allows editing and marking PDF files easily and quickly across different platforms.
  3. Ease of conversion among other formats.
  4. Easy to send/transfer.

Taking this into account, we will now see a complete comparison between two of the best PDF applications available on the market, we are talking about PDFelement and PDF Expert.

PDFelement VS PDF Expert

Target Groups

PDFelement 6: Offers an all-in-one package of professional PDF tools. Powerful text editing and forms processing make it perfect for quickly editing, converting, sharing and managing PDF files, a good choice for casual users of PDF format, but also meets professional and business demands.

PDF Expert: Fast, simple and easy. It allows us to synchronize and edit instantly across all platforms, perfect for casual users.

System Requirements For PDFelement

The space required by PDF Element may vary according to the version: Standard: 27.8M, Professional: 486M. In the case of PDF Expert 34M will be necessary.

PDFelement VS PDF ExpertPDFelement VS PDF Expert

PDF Expert Release date

PDF Expert was initially only available in iOS device applications (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). This helped when its desktop version was introduced in November 2013, to become a huge success among Apple users and publishers.

On the other hand, we have Wondershare, the company that developed PDFelement, these have many years of experience in PDF editing software and previously had already released many editing tools. This tool came to the market in 2015 as a comprehensive editing tool for PDF files.

Editing and visualization

It’s time to compare these two powerful tools in the field of editing and viewing PDF files, to see how much is their actual performance.

PDFelement features streamlined viewing and customizable page management. This application provides users with a high-resolution, streamlined viewing experience and super-fast upload speed. This allows you to easily move to the preferred page among hundreds of other pages within a single PDF file; and choose to rotate, replace or delete that page, or make a new separate PDF file using that individual page.

PDF Expert is an expert tool in the impeccable performance, whether with an academic document with many mathematical equations and graphics, or an electronic book of hundreds of MB, PDF Expert can open it quickly. It comes with a split display function, which allows users to read two files side by side, a function that offers much more than productivity when comparing two files or cross-examining a file in your language translation into another language.

Editing and bookmarks

PDFelement has outstanding performance in editing and provides a wide selection of markers, including highlighting, underlining, strikethrough, checkboxes and sticky notes, which are dedicated to meeting the demands of the most fond of markers. The mark-and-drag function is very sensitive and precise, which is very useful for avoiding errors.

In addition, the application also comes with other powerful editing tools. When you upgrade to the professional version you can use the built-in optical character recognition (OCR) function to recognize and edit all characters.

If we need to integrate this app more into the conventional workflow, we can highlight its ability to convert PDF files to Word format to perform text editing, allowing users to add, delete and replace text directly, which definitely helps to save time.

In the case of PDF Expert, we can see that it is an intuitive tool and full of details. Many people see the bookmark function as a key indicator in the usability of a PDF editor, such a view is true for PDF Expert in terms of its wide variety of marking tools. In addition to that, the electronic signature function is highly valued by a large user sector. The application comes with many original stamps and labels, making it an ideal tool for academic work.

Conversion to other formats

PDFelement has the ability to convert to multiple formats with just one click, although the PDF format is very convenient, it is not as popular as the formats offered by Microsoft Office. Many feel the need to convert PDF files to other formats and that work can be done easily with PDFelement, which supports conversion to multiple formats. It is even possible to convert a PDF file to formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint (PPT), JPG, HTML and much more.

As for PDF Expert, the lack of conversion to other formats is a major disadvantage. As for converting other formats to PDF Expert, unfortunately, we will not find this option available, after clicking on all the tabs, there does not seem to be any signs of such a function. For a powerful application of this type, this is definitely a very negative thing.

Process forms

PDFelement is able to extract data thanks to its powerful OCR technology. This has been designed for those users who have to collect and process information, receive hundreds of application forms, etc. Thanks to its effective batch extraction function, PDFelement allows users to automatically gather information from all forms to generate an Excel sheet, with just one click.

In addition to this, powerful OCR technology not only makes it possible to extract data from normal PDF files but also PDF files generated from scanned images. This feature is useful when it comes to extracting data from receipts or printed invoices; it will only be necessary to create a scanned PDF image by taking one photograph, and the application will take care of the rest.

PDF Expert, on the other hand, has a lower performance in the processing of forms, providing only the most basic functions in the filling of forms and electronic signatures; although the electronic signature works very well and supports the use of a Trackpad. In this case, this tool does not have built-in OCR, so it may not be a good choice when working with scanned forms.


Although both applications have a very good performance in the field of visualization of PDF files, PDF Expert could gain by very little with its fast performance in 3 crucial aspects of this type of files; which are: load, scroll and magnification, plus the split display function that can save a lot of time by switching between files, which greatly increases its efficiency and productivity.

With regard to bookmarks and editing, PDFelement has more to offer, providing more tools and relying on superior recognition accuracy. A wide selection of bookmarks makes reading notes much easier and enjoyable. Its editing functions make correcting a CV, contract or business plan much easier and more convenient than ever.

For conversion between formats, something that today is considered necessary for any PDF editing tool, its absence in PDF Expert is more than confusing. So in the comparison for file conversion, PDFelement is the best application.

PDFelement VS PDF Expert

To process form data, it is recommended to use PDFelement 6 Professional, which supports the extraction and conversion of data in batches, as well as allowing the addition of stamps in batches. Built-in OCR technology makes extracting or collecting automatic data from scanned forms easier than ever, and you only need to make a few clicks to transform all that information into spreadsheets, no matter how many forms you’re dealing with.

PDFelement Standard and PDF Expert are sold at the same price; apart from subtle differences between functions, the first has two basic functions more than the second, which are format conversion and form creation. Although PDF Expert has fewer features, the application has a smoother feel with smoother, more stable performance. On the other hand, PDFelement has more functions, and these are improved every time there is an update. In addition, for professional and business users, they have the option to upgrade to the professional version for an extra cost.

After this comparison Do you already know which is your favorite application to read and edit PDF?


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