Save Safari Webpages to iBooks as PDF on iPhone & iPad For Offline Viewing

Save Webpages to iBooks as PDF on iPhone & iPad

In this article, we will tell you that how you can save Safari webpages to iBooks as PDF on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 9.

iOS and Safari increasingly offer more options to store our favorite websites, interesting news, articles that we want to read later or just remember that we have seen them. For this, we have functions like the Reading List or favorites, which are also synchronized with iCloud so that we can have them and share them among all our devices without any problem. In addition, there are very comfortable third-party applications, such as Pocket, or even social networks, such as Facebook, which now allows you to keep the publications that we want easily.

But the Reading List is not always enough, and these media require an internet connection or do not allow us to view the web as a PDF and save it to our iPhone or iPad. That is why iOS does not solve this problem and shows us an easy way to save the web page, article or post with PDF format in iBooks, something that can be very useful, and that leaves better results than other methods such as capturing the screen manually.

Save Safari Webpages to iBooks as PDF

The Apple method is as follows. First, we do not need third party applications or download any special software, just open Safari and go to the web that we want to save. Once we have it open and loaded, click on the share button in the top menu of the browser, and among all the options we choose Save PDF in iBooks. If it does not appear, click on the three points on the right by sliding the apps and activate the iBooks option.

Once we save it, the iBooks app will open automatically and our PDF will appear with different pages in which we will see the whole saved web, in three or four parts, depending on its size.

Manage the PDF file in iOS and the iCloud

This PDF, as well as any other, you can save it not only in the app of the native books but in others like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Was this tutorial useful to save safari webpages as pdf in iBooks? Do you think they should include a Finder in iOS? You can comment your opinion.


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