How to Transfer everything from old iPhone to iPhone X / 8 without iCloud

MobiMover to sync your old mobile with the iPhone X

The company EaseUS has launched its new free program, MobiMover, to be able to transfer everything from old iPhone to iPhone X / 8 (Plus). Now you can transfer everything from one iPhone to the iPhone X / 8 without iCloud.

The new application will allow you to synchronize all your data for free and without any inconvenience from iPhone 5/5s/6/6s/SE/7 to iPhone X / 8. You can also transfer information from your computer to your iOS device without iCloud. And for those who are more modernized, you can also sync with all mobile phones that have iOS 11.

To use MobiMover, there are three simple ways. Transfer data from the computer to your iPhone X or iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. Then transfer information between two phones of the Cupertino brand. And finally, pass information from your phone to the personal computer.

How to transfer data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone with MobiMover

The application allows us to perform different functions about the information that is stored. We can create new content, both on the iPad and on the iPhone, from our computer. Another function that you can perform is the update from the application once we have changed files on the iPhone.

Even for those who are more orderly, you can also delete files from the MobiMover application itself for the computer. Or the most essential function, transfer everything from the computer to the iPhone and vice versa.

Advantages of MoviMover To Transfer Data From Old iPhone to iPhone X / 8 (Plus)

The advantage of MobiMover is that it is completely free tool to transfer everything from old iPhone to iPhone X / 8 (Plus) and can be downloaded from the EaseUS website. It is also a fast app since with a single click you can transfer all the data to your iPhone X / 8 (Plus) you want without iCloud. It does not matter if we are exporting or importing documentation towards the iPhone, with just one click already serves.

Download MobiMover to transfer data without iCloud from old iPhone to iPhone X/8 (Plus)

On the EaseUS website, there are also user guides so you can learn how to use the application. The guides show the four functions that you can perform with these free data transfer tool for iPhone:

  • Transfer data from computer to iPhone
  • Move data from iPhone to the computer
  • Sync data from iPhone to iPhone
  • Manage files on an iOS device.

It is a very simple application and totally free to transfer everything from old iPhone to iPhone X/8 (Plus) without iCloud. If you have a Windows 7 or higher and an iPhone 4S or higher, you can use MobiMover without any problem. It is also compatible with the iPad devices of the Cupertino company, from the second generation of the iPad Mini to the new iPad Pro.


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